Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seminar stamp set

Every year we get a new stamp set before we go to conference. This years set was full of great words and two new angles. I was having trouble decided what to do until I came across my stash of Angelee paper. I like the idea of paper piecing and this angels outfit was just asking me to piece her dress together. So I happily stamped about 25 of her out on white card stock and then again on the Angelee patterned paper. Let me tell you it took me and a friend a couple of hours to cut her out, but I think she was worth it. I used colored pencils to color everything but the dress and I used Glaze Gelly Pens to color her Maryjane's. The Glaze pens give them a shiny look with out embossing. Hope you like.


  1. Hey, I have one of these. I love the background. She is sooooo cute!

  2. I found you! So glad I did - I'm going now to sign up to follow you! I love how you paper pieced this gal - she's cute no matter how she's finished, but I've been waiting to see someone paper piece her! Great job, and thanks for your blog address!