Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bottle Cap Rings

I am totally and completely addicted to shrink plastic, also known as shrinky dinks. I think it all started in my childhood. Anytime you can combing coloring and melting its a good time. Kind of like melting crayons between wax paper, fun for hours or you run out of crayons. I also like to come up with creative ways to make jewelry. Micheals is like crack for me I not only get sucked in on the scrapbook side of things but the beads and bobbles get me too. I spent some time with my favorite angel and cousin Suzanne and I came up with an idea to use charms and bottle caps as rings and pendants. So I thought "hey' I can make my own charms with stamps and Shrinky dinks". For conference I wanted to bring a special trade because last year I didnt have one and felt left out. This year was my year... no one makes rings. I broke out my Affirmation Badges T-2958, my frosted Shrinky dink plastic and my favorite colored pencils and made 50 charms. I was so excited. I used large jump rings to make the adjustable ring.

I hope you like them as much as I do. I had a spectacular time creating them and then coordinating the glitter. I am still finding glitter in my dining room. I have two shots for you so that you can see the actual ring as well as the charms. Have a great day. My next post will be soon.


  1. Very good idea! You should 'sell it' to Michael's!!! These are really cute! Thanks for sharing - I would never ever have thought of that!

  2. I have one (well a few) of these!! Love them!!!

  3. oh, love these alot, i will have to steal one from suzanne, hehe..