Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm back!! My fantabulous up line sent me a package in this month and issued a challenge. I have a really hard time staying on top of my stamping and blogging, but she loves me a keeps encouraging me. This month in her package she sent a foam coaster (see below). The challenge was to create something from it. She didn't give any rules, she just wanted to see what we could create with it. Well I got so inspired that I cranked out 3.. yes, count them, 3 cards from 1 coaster.
The original coaster.
The original concept was to use the coaster as a resist image by spraying glitter mist through the coaster leaving the scroll design. I like how it came out, but you can tell me what you think. My darn camera made everything blurry so the pic is not that great but you should get the idea.
supplies: Coaster, glitter mist, decorative "stamp" edge scissors, TAC paper and TAC stamp set
My next endeavour came when I had the coaster all glittered up with the mist. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but it still looked good on the other side. I didn't want to waste it and I loved the pattern. So I decided to cut it apart and combine the resist with the actual coaster.
Supplies: Coaster (cut up) and resisted with glitter mist, TAC stamp set and Bazzil cardstock
Finally I bring you to my favorite. The remaining pieces of the coaster after it had been destroyed and artfully put back together. I like this one the best because it looks fresh and clean, but you be the judge.
I hope you all enjoy! Thanks Suzanne for the inpiration. I wouldnt be an Angel without you!!